Dynamic Game Music - Made Easy
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Briefly about Audioflow

Cost Efficiency

Flexible user interface system custom built for Audioflow (windows)

Compatible with all relevant sound formats

Structured Composition

Automatic nonlinear sequencer controls playback.

Unique 'emotion' system allows for subtle control over sequencing through a set of user-specified parameters

Dynamic Sequencer

Versatile group block system enables a highly customizable score structure (windows).

The dynamic multitracking allows for variable depth throughout a score.

Easy to use c# API

Access full functionaliy of plugin through a simple controller interface, including changing score and controlling playback.

Suitable for game development in XNA or Unity.

High Performance Playback Plugin

Written in c++

Playback uses FMOD, the industry standard sound API

System requirements

Windows 7 / Vista
2GB Ram
Direct X 9
2GH Pentium